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Olor Candle Snuffer & Wick Trimmer Set



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      Introducing the OLOR Candle Snuffer & Wick Trimmer set, expertly designed to bring an element of thoughtful ritual to your candle-loving experience. 

      Use the elegant candle snuffer to safely extinguish the flame, preventing any wax splatter and ensuring a mess-free experience. It's all about creating a serene ambiance without any fuss.

      The wick trimmer is a true game-changer. After each burn and once your candle has cooled, the sleek matt black wick trimmer will give your candle some extra care. This simple step will help your candles burn longer and brighter, reaching their full potential. Say goodbye to uneven wax levels, pesky smoking, and unruly wicks. With this set, you'll achieve an even burn, allowing the candle to release its fragrance and create a cosy atmosphere like never before.

      Embrace a touch of elegance while caring for your candles with this thoughtfully designed set. It's the perfect combination of style and functionality, making candle maintenance a delightful ritual.  Get ready to enhance your candle-burning experience and indulge in the mesmerising warmth and fragrance of your favourite OLOR scented candles for longer periods of time.

      Candle not included. 

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