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Lab Tonica Fend Immunity Mist



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  • Product Description

      Fends. For Immunity

      A protective botanical product to help bolster your defenses and strengthen your immune system.

      All natural. No chemicals. No additives. No alcohol.

      This multi action mist is blended with supportive essential oils that bolster the immune system and help to clear blocked airways. With powerful anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties, featuring eucalyptus, lime, white camphor, thyme and frankincense. Spray into the air, your yoga mat, or onto clothes and  linens, then inhale the goodness in.

      Lab Tonica is a contemporary wellness brand which aims to take herbal remedies out of the cupboard and into the cosmetic shelf. Encompassing a perfect alchemy of design, ancient recipes, scientific methods and accessible formats, Lab Tonica brings the healing power of plants to a new audience.

      "At Lab Tonica, we believe in the power of plants. We believe in the amazing alchemy of nature and our bodies. In fact, the only thing we care about more is sharing this passion with others. Every smudge of our balm, or spritz of our mist contain century old knowledge, modern techniques and the finest herbal ingredients, to nurture inside and out".

      All products are formulated by founder and herbalist Kitty McEntee from her London lab. Utilizing premium ethically sourced ingredients from SALSA approved suppliers. All packaging is sustainably produced with recyclable packaging.

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