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Considered Christmas Gift Guide // Well-Being

November 15 2023 – Mercantile London

Considered Christmas Gift Guide // Well-Being

Considered Christmas Gift Guide // Well-Being


As with our year round approach to curation, this Christmas we are choosing to encourage slow and considered gift giving. Below we begin our Considered Gift Edits with the idea of gifting 'a moment of calm'. These well-being suggestions are from small, creative companies that will help to create a soothing mood at home or the office with scent packed candles, or relax, support, and de-stress with creams, balms and mists, all perfect for the hectic holiday period.


Octo London

Octō London are an apothecary brand, who have been producing their small batch wares in South East London since 2017. As a women-owned, small family business, their primary focus is on creating products that are natural, sustainable, and in line with their customers values and intentional way of living.

 Their products are made of the finest ingredients, including clean-burning plant wax and keenly combined essential oils. Suitable for vegans, the candles are made with soy wax, and blended with cotton wicks. Poured into apothecary style amber glass jars that can be re-cycled or repurposed, they have a minimalist design that will sit in any home décor. Memorable fragrance blends such as Sweater Weather, Golden Hour and Hygge, all add to the seasonal appeal.


 "With life getting busier all the time, slow down and make time for yourself" - Octo London



Norfolk Natural Living

Norfolk Natural Living was borne out of the idea of a slow-luxury home care and wellbeing brand, designed to bring a little beauty and even pleasure to your daily rituals. As an aromatherapist, founder Bella Middleton, has always been fascinated with the benefits plants can have on our wellbeing, which is why she has put nature and craftsmanship at the core of Norfolk Natural Living. Every formulation is bottled by hand and they use only natural ingredients formulated with therapeutic blends, designed to improve your wellbeing. The perfumery and workshop is nestled in a small historic town in Norfolk, England, surrounded by the beautifully scented lavender fields and white sandy beaches for which the Norfolk landscape is famous and which is a constant source of inspiration. All of our products are biodegradable, and non-toxic, using plant based ingredients and never tested on animals.

"I believe life is enough of a challenge without having to worry about the chemicals in your home or the damage they do to our environment and if we can perhaps elevate our everyday rituals, find a little beauty and improve our wellbeing - we should". - Bella Middleton, Founder, Norfolk Natural Living.



Lab Tonica

Lab Tonica is a contemporary wellness brand which aims to take herbal remedies out of the cupboard and into the cosmetic shelf. Encompassing a perfect alchemy of design, ancient recipes, scientific methods and accessible formats, Lab Tonica brings the healing power of plants to a new audience.

All products are formulated by founder and herbalist Kitty McEntee from her London laboratory.  Utilizing ethically sourced ingredients from SALSA approved suppliers all packaging is sustainably produced and recyclable.

"At Lab Tonica, we believe in the power of plants. We believe in the amazing alchemy of nature and our bodies. In fact, the only thing we care about more is sharing this passion with others. Every smudge of our balm, or spritz of our mist contain century old knowledge, modern techniques and the finest herbal ingredients, to nurture inside and out". -  Kitty McEntree




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