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A State Of Mind // Louise Mischa

March 26 2024 – Mercantile London

A State Of Mind // Louise Mischa

A State Of Mind // Louise Mischa


Since it's beginnings in 2012, Louise Mischa has been a story of adventure, friendship and family. Intricacy in detail, fabrication and crafts are signature to this French brand that use travel and comfort as their main inspiration. These are clothes you wear continually but never want to wear out as you'll be lost without them. Through each collection, Louise Misha plays with fabrics and colors to create styles that are in keeping with its image and ethos and the company’s signature which is the care given to each detail. 

Louise Misha place value on the fact that each of its pieces are unique, including the hand-made embroideries, delicate detail, and premium fabrications. The brand is always looking to elevate artisanal know-how and hand-made elements to represent its identity and give a little bit of soul to each piece.

“ Louise Misha is a state of mind. Joyfulness, colors, an open mind, curiosity, an unlimited taste for traveling and adventure and ... lots of softness. "

Marie Pidancet, designer for Louise Mischa.


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