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How To Choose Perfume - Bon Parfumeur

March 04 2024 – Mercantile London

How To Choose Perfume - Bon Parfumeur

How To Choose Perfume - Bon Parfumeur


Bon Parfumeur is a niche perfume house that offers clean, genderless and eco-responsible fragrances. Created and made with local suppliers in France (the design begins in Paris, the juice is from Grasse, the bottle from Normandie, and production is in Chartres)  local manufacturing allows the brand to minimise transportation costs while fully valuing French fragrance know-how. Even though the price is at the more affordable end of the perfume market, 99% of the ingredients are from natural sources, without dyes or UV filters and the bottle is 100% recyclable.

" Choosing a perfume is about giving yourself a special moment, it is also connecting with the heart of another person, bringing them joy, because fragrance creates bonds". Bon Parfumeur.

Designed like a traditional workshop, each fragrance is attached to a unique olfactory family that shares similar characteristics while each bottle contains three informative factors: a number to identify the chronology of creation, the three main ingredients of the blend, and an olfactory family recognizable by its color, making it easy to quickly identity which fragrance you may connect to.

Below you can find out what each family represents, to gain a deeper understanding on Bon Parfumeur and its scents.


001: Cologne Fragrances

These fragrances boast fresh and zesty notes, blending citrus with floral and woody undertones, offering depth, contrast, and longevity. These are the classics which work all year round regardless of season.


100: Floral

Enter a garden of delights: green, creamy, solar, powdery, narcotic, and fruity. Fragrances within this category feature floral notes such as rose, jasmine, mimosa, or tiare flower. These creations are intricate and elegant, sometimes light and fresh, other times sensual and intense. They are never one-dimensional, always revealing unexpected twists.



200: Fruity

Indulge in sweetness with hints of liquorice, and greenery. Whether crisp or sweet, these fragrances burst with the vibrant colors and scents of raspberry, melon, green apple, and more. They offer a burst of zest and joy, capturing the essence of fruity delights.



300: Spicy Amber

This category features fragrances with a distinct character, captivating with their amber and spicy notes. Here, spices like cardamom dance alongside the richness of amber, creating a captivating tension. Warm and bold, these scents juxtapose spicy facets with powdery, balmy, and sweet elements.



600: Woody

Step into the forest with its earthy, woody, and smoky essences. Explore a selection of woody and vegetal scents, tinged with "forest" facets, yet twisted with notes of black pepper or bergamot for a unique twist on nature. 



700: Aromatic

Experience gastronomic aromas embodied in fresh, pungent scents reminiscent of a bouquet of herbs and aromatics. Fresh and featuring notes of lavender, eucalyptus, and culinary-inspired aromatics that invigorate the senses.



800: Aquatic

Dive into marine fragrances evoking the essence of the sea: sea spray, iodized freshness, and fruity undertones. This family encapsulates the essence of water, from the caress of sea spray to the refreshing morning dew. With iodine notes and watery freshness, these scents are always invigorating.


900: Special

Encounter unprecedented raw materials and bold, surprising notes. These intense and sensual perfumes defy categorization, offering a unique olfactory journey off the beaten path. With powerful and captivating notes, they leave an indelible impression on all who encounter them.



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