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A Spanish Classic

October 26 2018 – Mercantile London

A Spanish Classic

A Spanish Classic

For more than a hundred years, the unisex fragrance 'Alvarez Gomez ' has been the symbol of quality and classic style in Spain.

The story started when the Gomez cousins left their home in Northern Spain and travelled to Madrid to find their fortune.

Starting in the drugstore of a relative, they worked their way up and eventually bought the store.  Established as fragrance dealers, they then moved in to other premises where they began to trade using one of the cousins names 'Alvarez Gomez'.

A love of theatre and variety, and the open nature of the cousins meant the store quickly developed into a local meeting place, with gatherings regularly held. Visitors included customers from the cafe next door, along with a mix of performers from the theatre and entertainment world, bullfighters, politicians, authors and travelling salesmen who all talked about the issues of the day.

It was in 1912 that one of these travelling salesmen introduced them to an 'Eau de Cologne' that he had brought back from Europe which had a base of lemon, bergamot, rosemary and geranium.  This, and their access to the best plants, herbs and fruits, inspired the idea for their own Auga de Colonia Concentrada Alvarez Gomez.

Today a fourth generation descendant continues to maintain the cousins formula of a clean, fresh and pure cologne, that can be found in many Spanish homes and throughout the best restaurants and hotels in Europe.

Unisex without being overly masculine and ideal as an antidote to heavy winter formulas, Agua is zesty and fresh yet bold, with a sophisticated herbal edge.

The formula is available in 150ml spray, candle or twin soap pack.





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