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Heritage as inspiration - M.Moustache

March 18 2019 – Mercantile London

Heritage as inspiration - M.Moustache

Heritage as inspiration - M.Moustache

 M. Moustache is a French shoe brand who produce a standout collection of vibrant trainers that will elevate your summer wardrobe.

Designed in Paris and produced in Portugal, the collection has an energetic spirit running through it with fresh, vibrant colour combinations. A retro influence appears in the silhouettes with the design team using historical references as a constant source of inspiration.


“How does one bring back the once forgotten trends from our childhood? Such are the questions we ask ourselves in the creation process… At M. Moustache, we are conscious and proud of our heritage. It is in our illustrious past that we find inspiration, season after season” M.Moustache


With New York City in the nineties as inspiration, M.Moustache immersed themselves in the heart and soul of the city, drawing on iconic images of the time along with the energetic street life of the boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Borrowing from the heritage of hip hop fashion and the influence of the street art M.Moustache introduces a running shoe shape in Andree which is available in vibrant yellow, blue and pink and Renee which is a clean and simple tennis shoe style with a suede detail on the heel. 


 “Our new collection captures all of this, all at once. From our street shoes to our sneakers this is the very spirit…that of 1990 NYC” – M.Moustache.




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