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Moving On

Posted on August 02 2019

The Pre collection from Nordic brand Ichi is inspired by the countryside, with flowery fields, wide heaths, deep waters and forever skies, inviting us on an adventurous journey; from early autumn to the deep of winter. As summer retires and makes way for autumn, soak up the last rays of sun and sense the palpable change in pace.

But just because the days are beginning to cool doesn’t mean you need to pack away those summer dresses – in fact, it is just time to layer them up so you can wear them throughout Autumn too. One our favourite outfit combinations are a soft and cosy sweater thrown over an airy summer dress. But there’s more than one way to layer up for the seasonal transition. You can easily wear your favourite pair of jeans or a pair of long boots to cover up those bare, still sun-kissed legs. 

This season, ICHI reflect nature’s own artwork in a collection of cosy materials, eye catching prints and earthy tones inspired by the falling leaves, the dark forests and the sturdy heather, essentially styles for strong women, bracing the coming elements together.

ICHI Cajun Winetasting Shirt

ICHI Dagy Snapdragon Dress

ICHI Holga Sahara Sun Dress

ICHI Holga Sahara Sun Dress

ICHI Ami Poinciana Dress

ICHI Heather Crocus Petal Top


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