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We have nothing to hide... ARMEDANGELS

Posted on August 16 2019


Ethical~adjective- 'being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice'.


Striving to be the fairest label in fashion, ARMEDANGELS combine inspirational ethics with a strong sense of design, producing garments made to stand the test of a fast-fashion environment.


"We are a consumer society. It’s all about the price - nothing else matters.
Because of the immense pricing pressure on the market the working conditions in the fashion industry are getting worse every day: exploitation of labour under inhumane conditions, toxic chemicals which are harmful to health and unsafe factories without any protection for the workers".  - ARMEDANGELS.


Apparel brand ARMEDANGELS state that they are totally honest. Their supply chains are 100% transparent and they support and implement fairness and safety in their factories. Producing a collection of simple, contemporary, hardworking pieces that become reliable 'wear again' pieces - this season sees Luccaa, a standout co-ord of striped pullover and skirt and Sinikaa, a super cool check print jacket which is the perfect transitional piece over a knit to head into the autumn season.



Armedangels Juliaana Brick Skirt / Armedangels Saimaa White Short Sleeve Shirt / Armedangels Luccaa Evening Blue Stripe PulloverArmedangels Paana Evening Blue Stripe Skirt / Armedangels Maarjuli Evening Blue Dress Armedangels Sinikaa Check Jacket / Armedangels Auraa Acid Black Jumpsuit.


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