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Curated at The Mercantile - Minimal & Clean

November 18 2016 – Mercantile London

Curated at The Mercantile - Minimal & Clean

Curated at The Mercantile - Minimal & Clean

Pared back and pure define this theme, where the less is more aesthetic is achieved through clever styling. Showcasing a lack of excess but certainly not interest, it takes inspiration from our Scandinavian friends with ultra clean design, an oversized fit and neutral palette.

These are the wardrobe staples that continue to work hard throughout the years, not just the seasons. Find it in apparel brands such as Wood Wood, Rains, Royal Republic, Native Youth and Samsoe and in homeware from Nkuku and lifestyle brand Earl of East.

Wood Wood Lilo Black Jacket

Royal Republiq Galax wallet in black

Nkuku Biviri Ceramic Mug

Samsoe & Samsoe Kairi Black Dress

Native Youth Men's Vulcan Overcoat 

Earl of East Greenhouse candle

Rains Delta Blue Thermal Jacket 



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