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Good News

March 03 2020 – Mercantile London

Good News

Good News

The aim of Good News the footwear brand is simple; to create a platform they can use to promote a healthy planet, therefore giving back, one step at a time. Currently, 95 per cent of the 20 billion pairs of shoes produced globally each year end up in landfill sites. Good News have a commitment to challenge a fast-paced fashion industry that creates vast wastage.

"When you’re small, you gotta fix what you can...Choose well, buy less and make it last" - Good News 


Good News are always striving to improve the environmental and social sustainability of their products by decreasing their carbon, chemical and water footprint, whilst caring for the people who make the shoes. The circle around the brands logo is a symbol for their circular initiatives and relates to their principles of circular economy: to design with purpose, recycle-ability, to source and produce with good ethics and to collaborate with partners who share their values.

Good News sneakers feature recycled rubber soles which are made using pellets ground down from car tyres and old rubber shoes. organic cotton and weave uppers with no use of toxins, pesticides, chemical fertilisers or GMO seeds.
The foot bed is an environmentally friendly formulation of Air foam ECO 20 which contains bio- oil and recycled rubber. The petroleum traditionally used in polyurethane foams is substituted with bio-oil made from castor beans. The wool used in the collections is naturally biodegradable and made by natural fibres, not synthetic. The fibres do not accumulate in the environment but breakdown naturally to harmless compounds



Good News aim to ensure that their materials are environmentally and socially progressive and use fewer processes to make their products. They monitor their supply chain to promote a fair trade, donate dead stock and faulty shoes to the homeless and refugees in need, in order to improve the lives of people and the health of the planet.

By working in close collaboration with their factories and suppliers, GOOD LUCK SHOES was created as a charity to help provide functional footwear to migrants arriving in Italy.To date, Good News has provided over 3000 pairs of functional shoes to migrants and refugees arriving in Italy.

They are also raising money for The Dream Catchers, an organisation that
gives children homes while teaching them to dance and Good News donate old residual stock and samples that are then distributed to people in need through the United Shoe Recycling Company which is dedicated to encouraging people to dispose of their shoes and clothing responsibly by recycling through Banks & Containers placed at many locations across the UK. 



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