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Micro Trend // Bucket Hats

June 29 2019 – Mercantile London

Micro Trend //  Bucket Hats

Micro Trend // Bucket Hats

Past era's influence on fashion is nothing new and at the moment it seems the 1990's is having it's turn. With Marc Jacobs re-releasing his 1993 grunge collection and everybody (including Prada and Fendi) deciding the bucket hat and bumbag are cool again, it was only a matter of time before the most iconic accessory of the decade filtered down to the Fashion Weeks and the festivals.


Wood Wood Bucket Sand Hat


Invented in the 1900's for the practical reasons of keeping extreme weather off the face and neck, the wide downward sloping brimmed bucket hat was generally made from wool or tweed and could be folded and placed into the pocket. A similar shape in a cotton fabrication was issued to the US army in the Vietnam War and this is where the modern versions we know today take their design.

Adopted as a fashion piece in the sixties by the Mods, it appeared again when eighties hip hop legends like Run DMC and LL Cool J sported branded versions by Kangol in their music videos.

In the early nineties the bucket was endorsed by both the rave and Manchester music scene with legendary bands such as The Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, Happy Mondays and Liam Gallagher of Oasis regularly wearing the style.


Wood Wood Charlie Navy Bucket Hat


Appearing in many versions this season and at all price levels (Chanel produced a see thru design) making it more city appropriate seems to work for the current moment. Team the casual shape with clean tailoring, take the edge off a pretty summer dress with one or pop it on at the park this hot summer. 


Kangol Washed Beige Bucket Hat



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