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  • How to do... Festivals

    Posted on May 30 2017

    British Festival season is upon us and depending on where we are attending there are some style guidelines that work for the beach, field or city. Read on to check...

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  • Spiritual gifts for Valentines'

    Posted on January 31 2017

      If you are looking for an affordable yet unique token this Valentines' select a piece of gemstone jewellery from Decadorn. Celebrate love with February's birthstone amethyst and one-of-a-kind offerings...

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  • Small, Independent & Crafted - Decadorn

    Posted on November 04 2016

    Designed and hand finished in London, the stones used in Decadorn's jewellery collections are small treasures of nature, hand sourced from beneath the equator. Founder Helen Bailey worked as a Fashion and...

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  • Five minutes with...Decadorn

    Posted on February 09 2016

    This weeks Five minutes with... is chatting to Helen Bailey, the force and founder of East London stone jewellery brand Decadorn. Which three words describe your brand? Natural, individual and...

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  • Focus on... Decadorn

    Posted on November 02 2015

    We take great pride in sourcing brands with a story and passing that on in-store (we know our stuff and love to talk) so we decided to feature a 'focus...

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  • Good vibes

    Posted on October 15 2015

    New for the autumn season is a fresh collection of cluster rings, sparkling drusy studs, statement stalactite, mini geode, colour pop pyramid and hand hammered pyrite cubic pendants from crystal...

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  • Stone

    Posted on November 21 2014

    Designed and hand finished in London, the stone's used in the jewellery collections of Decadorn are ethically sourced from Brazil with only the highest quality selected. Kept mostly in their...

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  • Winter changing rooms

    Posted on October 17 2014

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  • Flat out

    Posted on April 20 2014

    The sun is staying out in East London and to celebrate, Mercantile London are breaking out our summer sandals. For day we are keeping it clean and simple with the...

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  • Behind the scenes - AW Lookbook shoot

    Posted on October 05 2013

      The Mercantile had a great day yesterday shooting our Autumn collection at various East London locations (whilst trying to dodge the rain/not get run over/not attract people who thought Karin was...

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