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How to do... Festivals

May 30 2017 – Mercantile London

How to do... Festivals

How to do... Festivals

British Festival season is upon us and depending on where we are attending there are some style guidelines that work for the beach, field or city. Read on to check you have all you need to stand out.

First rookie festival mistake is to not have any kind of waterproof at a British festival. Look for the new season colours Rose or Pacific in Scandi brand Rains or show your green credentials with eco brand Insane in the Rain.  Keep the fit over-sized and you can throw on over warm layers if the sun disappears.



Just because it's camping doesn't mean you can't showcase, accessorise with some statement jewellery such as the Maria Black pinky ring bracelet or get your wellness on with Decadorn's sea sentiment jasper necklaces which have reported grounding and calming properties, handy whilst queuing for the showers, being told the price of a beer etc.

Swap the shorts and go with a jumpsuit, which are comfortable, cool and perfect for the changeable weather. Choose colour and print like the Second Female Cloud Powder Puff or Native Youth Equinox Jumpsuit.



If there isn't a mud situation, instead of relying on the festival staple welly try Rosie Rankin Simmy Hi-Tops, (they can take a real hammering and still look great,we know we've tested them) or Good News Bagger low tops for a comfortable and practical flat. Look out for fresh white mixed with metallic from Rose or the orange shade from Good News as a break from heavy winter black or navy.




Hide your sleep deprivation in style with Italian sunglasses brand Alsteca. They produce two classic styles, the Wynwood and the Overtown with lenses that are scratch resistant and a super lightweight frame which can be bent to the extreme making them great for throwing into pockets and bags without too much worry.


Lastly don't overload yourself, everything you need will fit perfectly into the Rains backpack, with it's secure pockets, comfortable shoulder straps and 100% waterproof finish. If you are super minimal try it's little sister the Backpack mini which looks great colour matched to your waterproof jacket.





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