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Summer 22 // Rujuta Sheth

May 17 2022 – Mercantile London

Summer 22 // Rujuta Sheth

Summer 22 // Rujuta Sheth


Rujuta Sheth lives and works in New York City. She travels often, and draws inspiration from the cultures and landscapes she experiences. Born in India, she grew up surrounded by artisans, weavers, beaders, and embroiderers. When she launched her namesake line in 2015, she naturally returned to these villages to tap into the creativity and craftsmanship she knew so well.

The Rujuta Sheth collection juxtaposes traditional technique with modern silhouette, expressed through organic and handwoven textiles. Rujuta Sheth is committed to sustainability and longevity in all facets of design, production, and wearability.

Working with two small factories in India. Rujuta, personally visits both locations a couple of times a year. She works with the whole team during sampling and production. Over the years, Rujuta has built strong personal relations with, not only the owners, but with the whole team; from the merchandisers, to pattern makers, to tailors. 

The most important element to the brand is producing the best quality in their products. The ethos is that the pieces become staples in customer's wardrobes that they keep going back to season after season, and year after year.  The goal is to educate Rujuta Sheth customers to invest in key pieces for their wardrobe, shop quality over quantity, and to buy classic and comfortable pieces rather than season trends.

When the factories first receive the fabrics for the collections, the first step is to check the quality of the textiles before being cut into the pieces. All aspects of production are done here; including all of the sewing, pressing, trims, and more. Every garment is inspected before it is shipped out. Making handmade textiles requires a lot of patience, an eye for detail, and an artistic hand. It uses solely the power of the human ability to manually weave the fabric, no electricity.

The small and minute imperfections, are a beautiful reflection of all of the hands that have gone into creating the textile. It is a intricate, slow process and each weave can weave up to 3 yards of fabric a day, taking months to produce. Hand looming is a timeless tradition, and still today employs more people than machine made fabric.There are countless forms of textile design from regions all over India and the world. Handlooming has a direct connection to it's culture, it's history, and the people of each community. The aesthetic and skill is handed down from generation to generation for centuries. Handloomed fabric provides stories. It is history, family and culture in material form.



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