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  • American Vintage

    October 31 2017 – Mercantile London

    American Vintage

    This winter, American Vintage sets the scene in a wild landscape. Focusing on a retro look, coats are long, thick and oversized, fully enveloping the silhouette. Knits layer together to wrap the body in a second skin and accessories are supersized. Colour pops appears in shades of earth, and acid yellow which are then grounded with indigo and anthracite.  ...

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  • Summer's Muse

    April 19 2017 – Mercantile London

    Summer's Muse

    As the Summer season begins, the American Vintage muse is filled with a new desire for freedom. A fire blazes bright, urging her to cross the oceans and explore faraway lands so she travels through time to discover America. Setting down her bags in New York, she opts for  distinctive simplicity. Cotton jersey pieces play with volume and transparency. Billowing...

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